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Grand Lodge Programs


The Masonic Children's Foundation's CHIP provides the parents or guardians of a child with a small computer disc that provides:

  • Full-color digital photographs showing various poses of the child. These color photo­graphs can be circulated by the police to the media in the case of an abduction.
  • A complete set of digital fingerprints. Everyone's fingerprints are unique and are a well known tool for recovery, investigation & identification.
  • Information about the child including distinguishing features such as hair & eye color, scars, etc. The disc will also contain contact information on parents or guardians.

For more information please see the MOCHIP website at


The Masonic Scholarship Fund of Missouri, Inc. proudly offers three different scholarships to Missouri high school students.

These scholarships are available to students graduating this year from a Missouri high school, seeking to attend an accredited institution or higher education anywhere.

  • Masonic Merit Scholarship A $1,000/year scholarship available to students in any degree program.
  • Ruth Lutes Bachmann Scholarship A $1,000/year scholarship for students seeking a degree in the education or healthcare fields.
  • Samuel Smith Stewart Masonic Scholarship An $8,000/year scholarship available to students in any degree program.

Scholarship Application & Documentation

These scholarships may be renewed by the recipients for up to four years if they meet the continuation criteria.


Masonic License Plates

Click here to download the application for your Missouri Masonic License Plate. The Missouri License Plate carries a $25.00 fee per renewal which will go to benefit the Missouri Lodge of Research. This fee is required by Missouri State Law. An authorization form will be sent to you and must be presented to your local license bureau before obtaining the Masonic License Plate.


The 10/4/10 program is to provide an opportunity for brothers to contribute to the Grand Lodge Endowment Fund. 10/4/10 stands for $10.00 a year for ten years, which represents a total of $100.00 per member. The purpose of this program is to increase the Grand Lodge Endowment Fund so that in the future, interest may be used if needed as set fourth in the By-Laws. Each Brother who participates will receive a lapel pin and his name will be engraved in the 10/4/10 registry. For those who contribute $500.00 (Bronze), $1,000.00 (Silver), $1,500.00 (Gold), they will receive a Master Builder Statuette as a remembrance. Click here to download the form and become a part of the 10/4/10 program today.

Endowed Membership

Click here for information on how to purchase an Endowed Membership for your lodge. For the older members it gives them a method to "Endow" their lodge. This would be a great retirement gift or a reward for many years of lodge service. The lodge could hold a fundraiser to purchase an Endowed Membership for that older member that means so much to the lodge. We should not forget those who have gone before us. An Endowed Membership may be purchased in honor of any member that is deceased. This would be a fitting tribute to a deceased member that gave so much of his time to your lodge and to you.