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Masonic Museum of Missouri

Masonry is the oldest charitable fraternity in the world and the Masonic Home of Missouri has been providing charitable services to Missouri members for over 118 years

The Masonic Home and Grand Lodge of Missouri are thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of Missouri’s first Masonic Museum to the public on February 25, 2008, preceded by previews for members, distinguished guests and press.

The museum gives the Masonry in Missouri the great opportunity to share its history and values with the community of Columbia and with travelers both state and nation wide. This phenomenal permanent exhibit depicts the many prominent individuals that played vital roles in shaping the Masonic Fraternity in Missouri and should draw visitors from every state.

We welcome the community to the new Masonic Museum of Missouri.  Tour the brand new galleries displaying the long history of Missouri Freemasonry and watch the film that describes one of the Fraternity’s Charities, the Masonic Home of Missouri, and how it supports its members throughout our great state of Missouri.

About the Museum

 The exhibit incorporates 5 themed galleries, each gallery representing a leader a particular quality.   

  • The first gallery titled “Pathmakers and Patriots” highlights the impact Meriwether Lewis and William Clark had on the early period in Missouri and how they became involved in the Masonic fraternity.

  • The second gallery titled “Living Well” focuses on Laura Ingalls Wilder, her involvement with the Order of the Eastern Star and how music and education are valued in Masonry and at the Masonic Home. 

  • The third gallery themed “Generosity” depicts Jacob Lampert, Past Grand Master, and other Masons and Masonic groups who have provided generous support to the Masonic Home.

  • The fourth gallery depicts “Leadership” centering on President and Past Grand Master Harry S Truman and how democratic methods guide lodges.

  • The Fifth theme titled “Everyman” is a rotating exhibition gallery.  In it Masonic lodges and Eastern Star Chapters will have the opportunity to share individual history and symbols used within the Lodges and Chapters over the years.

Admission:  FREE  

Location:  033 Masonic Dr.,  Columbia , MO 65202  map

Self-guided tours are available during normal business hours (weekdays 8:00a.m. to 4:30p.m.). Other viewing times available by appointment.

Call the Grand Lodge office (573-474-8561or 877-226-2766) or Masonic Home office (573-814-4663 or 1-800-434-9804) to ensure availability.

More information available on the Masonic Home of Missouri website -