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Lodge and District Internet Service Rules

There has been a Grand Master's Edict and a subsequent Decision regarding the use of Internet information services by constituent lodges and districts in Missouri. The text of the original Edict and new Decision are linked below.

The site was established to provide free simple web hosting space to lodges and districts to comply with the original Edict. This service is still available and more information may be obtained at the site or by contacting the webmaster. Hosting at this site complies with the new decision and requires no action by the lodge for compliance.

However, many lodges have desired to use newer, more advanced capabilities than that site can offer. The new decision now permits the use of other hosting sites, as well as other free or pay Internet information services (including but not limited to Facebook page, Twitter feed, Google calendar or mailing list, etc.) that represent Freemasonry in the name of a lodge or district, as long as they comply with some new & modified rules as set forth in the decision.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the interpretation of these items of Masonic law, please contact your District Deputy Grand Master.

New Website Decision

Original Website Edict

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