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Constitution and By-laws

Constitution and By-Laws Revision 2013

At the 190th Communication of the Grand Lodge of Missouri, the Committee on By-Laws submitted and received approval of a revised version of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Grand Lodge of Missouri. This revision did not make any substantive changes in the law, it simply corrected errors, incorporated already adopted legislative actions of previous Communications, and added many helpful annotations to explain or aid in interpretation. At the conclusion of the 190th Communication, additional amendments that were adopted during that Communication subsequently were incorporated into the document, which was then distributed to the lodges in November 2011. The 2013 Revision is a printing of the complete document, incorporating all legislation adopted through the 192nd Annual Communication in September 2013.

If you have previously purchased a printed version of the Constitution and By-Laws, you are entitled to a copy of the revised version and update at no charge. If you have previously requested to be on the update notification list, you need not do anything, a new copy of the 2013 Constituation and By-Laws will be mailed to you. If you haven't requested to be notified (or you are not sure), please email or call the Grand Lodge office.


Constitution and By-laws - Revision 2013
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These documents have been formatted to be printed duplex (both sides of the page) by the insertion of some blank pages to make certain section pages appear on the correct side to allow for the insertion of tabed notebook pages, as are distributed with the purchased versions of the base document. This does not prevent you from printing the document on simplex (single sided).

Please feel free to download and print these documents, but since they are copyrighted, we ask that you do not make additional copies from the documents printed off the website. The pdf version found here is searchable, allowing you to easily locate the topic you seek.